Tiffany DANAE Thompson

Golden Hearts

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Whether listening to Gold In The Dirt while you run or reflecting on the power of memory with Porch Tales, let this music awaken your spirit. Become a fellow traveler with the songs along the borders of genres and the the spaces in between. 



Direction (2016)

Empowering pop music that will keep you running and grooving. 

We Are The Dreamers (2011)

 As heard on Dance Moms: Group Dance: "Blush and Bashful" (Season 7, Episode 9) | Lifetime!

"Each song is polished and crisp, well crafted pop music... Thompson’s sweet voice carries each song."

ROSETTA (2015)

Rosetta is the song-adapted poetic arc of the life of one Rosetta G. Kelley, about whom more below. That storied life, and thus this cordial album, thrives on relationships. Rosetta is about connections: to each other, platonic or romantic; mother to child, and back again; sister to sister; pal to pal; family within family; folks among other folks in diverse communities facing common struggles. This is about individual links to nature and all that it offers in unending comfort, challenge, or change. Rosetta is about light and love, life.